by growingpeople

I recently heard about a project going on in Todmorden in West Yorkshire, where the residents have been using every possible bit of the town’s vacant public spaces to grow food.

Incredible Edible Todmorden is an inspiring example of what can happen when a community comes together and proves that not having a garden doesn’t have to stop you from setting up a patch (or several!). Residents have been growing food on the sides of roads, at the train station, under the railway bridge, in a supermarket car park (but don’t tell the Lidl bosses), outside the police station, at a housing estate and even in the town’s graveyard! They’ve put together this interactive map which shows the full scale of their planting. And what scale! 500 (count them) fruit trees from apples and plums to morello cherries in a town of just 10,000 people.

All those involved give a little of their time and their home compost to the project in return for a share of fruit and vegetables, and crucially, each of Todmorden’s schools are in on it. The beauty of Todmorden’s initiative is that it is truly people-grown; the project wasn’t set up  by the council and isn’t managed in any way – it was just a case of people getting together and saying “let’s do this”.



For more inspiration watch Alys Fowler‘s excellent short film for the Guardian here or see Todmorden get a mention on the ITN News at Ten below.


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