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December 15, 2010

New resources pages

by growingpeople

I’ve just published several new pages in the resources menu, covering lots of information on small-space growing, from choosing containers to composting, an A-Z of plants, details on companion gardening, crop rotation, how to bring some permaculture principles into it all and more.

December 10, 2010

Winter gardening

by growingpeople

Granted December probably isn’t the most exciting time to be thinking about vegetable gardening. The soil is more or less frozen solid, tender plants have finally succumbed to the frost (the nasturtiums are headed for the compost bin today) and everything else is looking a little sad. Not to mention the unappealing prospect of cold hands. Apart from a few hardy rosemary bushes, there will be nothing to eat in my garden for the rest of the winter.

But there are a few practical things you could be doing to get a head start on next year’s growing season.

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December 2, 2010

Edible(s) of the week: Perennial veg

by growingpeople

The vast majority of vegetables we cultivate in the UK are annuals, or are grown as annuals, meaning that a seed is sown, the plant grows, flowers, fruits, sets seed and dies in one year. The problem for the gardener is that the whole process of sowing seeds, tending to seedlings and warding off slugs and other pests from young tender plants must be repeated the following year in order to get a new crop.

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