What can we expect from a workshop?

We conduct a preliminary visit of the space to be used for growing and find out as much as possible about what the users of the space want to achieve with the space, both in terms of new skills and actual crops.  The early stages of the workshop are dedicated to planning out the growing space as a group, taking in to account the requirements of the users and constraints put in place by the seasons and time scale.  The majority of the session is set aside for planting, and if the workshop is simply a one-day session, a considerable amount of time is dedicated to acquiring the skills needed to ensure a healthy crop.  Ideally, a second and even a third follow-up session is arranged as plants mature.  The workshops are as hands-on as possible, but worksheets are always provided to summarise everything covered in the workshop.  By the end of the session, participants can expect to have a productive food-growing space and the skills required to maintain it.

Can we adapt the workshop to our particular needs?

Our workshops are adapted to each individual group.  For example, some groups may like to learn skills that can be applied to window-box or small-space growing, while others may have a large plot of land in which they want to grow several crops.

How long does a workshop last?

Workshops can be delivered as a single half-day or day session or as a series of regular sessions over a number of weeks or months. We suggest that if the group has limited prior knowledge of gardening, they may benefit from two sessions, at a few weeks interval, so that the different stages of plant growth can be explained.

How many people can take part in a workshop?

We find that smaller groups tend to work best, particularly groups of young children.  A good number is between 8 and 10 for groups of adults or young people, andbetween 6 and 8 for groups of children.

How much do the workshops cost?

Rates are negotiated based on the length of the project, travel distance and group size. Materials that are needed will either need to be ordered by the group prior to the session, or we can order them for you and charge you at cost price.

How do I book a session or get more information?

Please get in touch with Emilie at emilie.growingpeople@gmail.com or on 07886 784 962.

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