“We were fortunate to meet and start working with Emilie in 2009 when she came to Paddington Academy as part of a Groundwork youth project team.

Emilie’s unfailingly calm and cheerful attitude when working with a selection of our most challenging students resulted in her establishing highly positive relationships with them. This also helped her to inspire our students, who were demotivated in every academic aspect of their education, to become passionate about gardening. The students found great personal satisfaction in making a successful and productive garden in the most barren area of the school grounds.  They enjoyed providing herbs and vegetables for their families and staff – all of which were obviously well received!

Emilie not only supervised the building of raised beds and advised on planting schemes but also led several trips to further encourage students. We were able to collaborate with a well known professional street artist to paint a mural in our garden, and our students successfully gained a qualification for Health & Safety in Landscaping. We found that working with Emilie was such a valuable experience, with benefits to both staff and students, we asked her to continue working with us after the Groundwork project ended!”

Louisa Wilkinson, Head of Enterprise at Paddington Academy, London

“Ms Charlesworth very successfully organised and ran a number of horticulture related activities at Quintin Kynaston School in terms 3&4 in 2010. She worked with KS3 and KS4 student groups and with parent and family groups and was able to enthuse and motivate those involved . She was a partner in the joint planning of activities with members of staff from the school. Ms Charlesworth proved to be open and sensitive to the school’s requirements whilst at the same time being able to put forward exciting, realistic learning opportunities to inspire and engage the students. She was also able to reflect on the learning activities and suggest progression from them.

Her relationships with students and staff were exemplary. She embraced the concepts of Inclusion and Every Child Matters and acted in a very professional manner that encouraged participation and engagement. Her manner is calm and promotes success for young people through active learning.”

Ian Green, Deputy Head at Quintin Kynaston School, London

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